Ms. McLeish worked for me when I served as Graduate Dean and in my current role as Vice President and Chief of Staff for the University of North Florida. During her employment, she proved herself to be an invaluable member of our team ... and served as a first-class editor for the President's office. More recently, I hired Ms. McLeish as a reviewer and editor for a book I am writing. When I began the work, there was no doubt in my mind that Ms. Mcleish's talents would greatly help me in completing this project.

If you have an opportunity to work with Ms. McLeish, you will find that she is a skilled writer who is able to help others improve their own writing, as demonstrated by her work with doctoral students who are engaged in preparing their dissertations. You will also find that she is a self-starter who gives 110% to everything that she does.

Thomas S. Serwatka
Vice President and Chief of Staff
University of North Florida

By all measures, Ms. McLeish is a first-rate editor. She is conscientious, meticulous, thorough, and eagled-eyed. She helps writers communicate that they intend but fail to do. Over the years she has been my go-to wordsmith, a role she relishes and performs excellently. When I compare the quality of her work with that of other editors I have used,
Ms. McLeish stands head and shoulders above them. I have nothing but high praise for her work ethic--an overarching value and modus operandi that helps her produce quality work efficiently and in a timely manner.

Warren A. Hodge, Ph.D.
University of North Florida
Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership

I highly recommend Shannon McLeish as a dissertation editor! I worked with her on my dissertation and have referred her to several members of my doctoral cohort. Shannon knows APA style and consistently delivers a quality product in a timely manner. She is well prepared due to her extensive experience in an academic setting, including working as an assistant to a college dean and a college president. She works well with international students who are not proficient in English, but must submit a dissertation that is error free. I might add that Shannon is also in a consistently pleasant and upbeat mood, unlike many stressed out doctoral students who are in need of her services! She understands their situation and is always responsive to their needs. She has my highest recommendation.

LaDonna K. Morris, Ed.D.
Rosanne R. Hartwell Women's Center
Florida Community College at Jacksonville

It is a pleasure to work with Shannon and I highly recommend her. Her relationship skills are outstanding, as is the quality of her work. She has been very easy to work with and willing to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. After completing my dissertation, I began referring my company editing needs to her as well.

Raymond Jorgensen, Ph.D.
University of South Florida
Director of Jorgensen Learning Center

I had the good fortune to have Shannon McLeish help with the final draft of my doctoral dissertation. Shannon was a superb editor. She was an invaluable resource in assuring compliance with APA 5 and was especially helpful with my long and difficult bibliography. Shannon worked very efficiently under tight time constraints. It is because of her professionalism that my dissertation was completed on schedule and approved by the university. I will always be grateful to Shannon.

William Mason, Ed.D.
Vice President, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Shannon, among a few other editors, was referred to me by the President’s Office and Academic Affairs of University of North Florida when I asked for help regarding editing my scientific work. As a professor who learned English as a second language, it is crucial to have an expert editor to help with the editing of scientific studies. I worked with several other editors before Shannon and must say that she did the best work. She was always reliable, met all deadlines (which were sometimes quite short), and, most importantly, did excellent editing work. She not only focused on grammar and vocabulary, but also noticed several times inconsistencies in the content of the articles I prepared. We have worked together now for over a year and Ms. McLeish continues to impress me always with her dedication and expertise.

C. Dominik Güss, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
The University of North Florida

[Shannon] is meticulous, hard-working, conscientious, and dedicated in her work. We have always been happy with her help to us. Largely due to her help, we have been publishing in top-ranking journals in our field. Most of all, because of these publications, we have recently applied for tenure in our university, a year earlier than the norm. I don’t know if you can imagine how much of a blessing she has been to us. In her editing and writing, it is my opinion that Shannon has been bringing intelligence, resourcefulness, and genuine concern to her responsibilities.

Ma. Teresa Tuason, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
University of North Florida

When I was looking for an editor for my dissertation, I struggled to find someone who did quality work at a price I could afford. I heard so many horror stories of doctoral students who sent their work to some editors only to have their work rejected at the Dean's office. Others sent their work to editors who were so expensive and inflexible with time that the editing added stress to an already stressful situation. Discouraged, I eventually asked a member of my dissertation committee for a recommendation, and he suggested Shannon McLeish. I liked her from the very first conversation. With her, I was delighted to experience very professional, high-quality editing both with APA and overall smoothness of read. She worked under tight time constraints and she was always willing to take my suggestions. Because of her help, I was easily able to meet university deadlines. She was also very pleasant to work with- friendly and flexible. I would recommend her to any doctoral candidate or anyone writing a book.

Tracey Lin Edou, Ed.D
Education Project Manager
Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Shannon McLeish is a thoughtful and hard-working editor who helped make my book, Leaving School: Finding Education (Matanzas Press 2004), a success. In over 200 pages of error-free copyediting, Shannon made helpful suggestions for both format and substance. Her attention to detail and work habits are a pleasure to experience. I would recommend her highly to anyone needing competence and reliability.

Jon Wiles
Professor of Education
University of North Florida

Shannon McLeish is the kind of editor one can usually only hope for. She combines the meticulousness of a craftsman with the sensitivity of an artist. For her, professionalism isn't just a set of rules; it's a quality of character.

Mark Ari
Author, Musician, Painter