McEditing is not just a catchy title, but also short for McLeish Editing - the company created by Shannon E. McLeish, obsessive compulsive perfectionist (tired descriptors but true). Ms. McLeish is a highly motivated and goal oriented professional with experience in higher education and state service organizations. She has strong analytical and problem solving skills, is detail oriented and accurate, proficient in various computer applications, and able to follow through with complex projects from inception to completion. Ms. McLeish is also trustworthy, ethical, discreet, and committed to customer service, not to mention excellent at describing herself in the third person.


Sample of Editing Projects 2005-Present (further information available upon request, including works edited prior to 2005 and after 2008)


Review of questions for U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl 2010-2011.


Conrad, J. E. (2005). The relationship between emotional intelligence and
intercultural sensitivity. Doctoral dissertation, University of North Florida, Jacksonville.

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comparison of community college transfer and native students in selected Florida universities. Doctoral dissertation, University of North Florida, Jacksonville.

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Valentino, C. P. (2005). The impact of school reform design, English speakers of
other languages (ESOL) instruction and socioeconomic status on ESOL students’ reading achievement. Doctoral dissertation, University of North Florida, Jacksonville.

Submitted and Under Review or Revision

Güss, C. D. (2007). Study tips: The indomitable dozen (Module to be added to
introduction to psychology textbooks). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Chapter accepted and currently under revision.

Güss, C. D., Tuason, M. T., & Gerhard, C. (2007). Cross-cultural comparisons of
strategies and expertise in microworlds. Manuscript revised and resubmitted for publication.

Stuart, K. S., & Tuason, T. G. (2007). Expressive group therapy with at-risk African
American adolescent girls. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Tuason, M. T. (2007). Why do some people become rich and others stay poor? A
qualitative study of Philippine poverty. Manuscript revised and resubmitted for publication.

In Progress

Chenot, T. M. Frameworks for patient safety in the nursing curriculum. Doctoral
dissertation in preparation, University of North Florida, Jacksonville. (Now published.)

Güss, C. D. What are you thinking? Thinking aloud as a method in cross-cultural
psychology. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology: Qualitative and mixed-methods approaches in the psychological study of culture [Special issue]. Sage Publishing. Manuscript in preparation. (Now published.)

McElyea, B. On becoming a learning organization: Preconditions for ensuring success
and steps taken by an IT firm in Jacksonville, Florida. Dissertation in preparation, Walden University, Baltimore, MD.

Serwatka, T. The Gay Debate. Manuscript in preparation. (Now published.)

Timmons, C. Preparation for teaching in urban schools: Perceptions of the impact of
traditional preparation programs. Dissertation in preparation, University of North Florida, Jacksonville.

Tuason, T. G., & Rearick, M. A. What about us? Filipino adult children left behind by
overseas workers. Manuscript in preparation. (Now published.)

Valentino, C. Curriculum in Honduras. In Curriculum development: Perspectives from
around the world. Manuscript in preparation. (Now published.)

Writing Projects

McLeish, S. East coast ramblings. Manuscript in preparation.

McLeish, S. Grasshopper in winter. Story for children in preparation.

McLeish, S. Umbrella reef. Story for children in preparation.

McLeish, S. (2002). Hush. In Fiction Fix. Jacksonville, FL: Black Osprey Press.

McLeish, S. (2004). Temporary insanity. In Fiction Fix. Jacksonville, FL: Fiction Fix.


Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude), English, University of North Florida

Master of Arts, Literature and Creative Writing, University of North Florida (in progress)


In the course of her education, Ms. McLeish assisted in the establishment of an on-campus, student run publication and was appointed editor. Two of her short stories have been published in Fiction Fix (a compilation of short stories used by a number of UNF professors for required course material) and one story was included in a publication for winners of an annual on-campus writing contest. She also received a really fantastic rejection letter from The New Yorker complimenting her on the "obvious merit" of her work (though still declining to publish said work). Ms. McLeish has participated in public readings in the Jacksonville community and led discussions on the art of writing in several university classes.