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Friday, October 13, 2006

Is There a Grown Up in the House?

If you are less mature than the average two year old, please raise your hand. (Picture my hand in the air waving.) My daughter spent the night at her grandmother's last night, and, it turns out, got less than a sound night's sleep. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this until after the darling thing went to bed tonight; I just thought she'd been possessed.

After a perfectly lovely time at the bookstore playing with the other kids and the train set, etc., we were on our way to the area's best playground to play with some more kids and meet some friends when both of my darling (can you feel the gritted teeth) children began wailing at the top of their lungs. Now the baby's wailing did not alarm me - except that it was in tandem with the much louder 2 year old's.

I went down the checklist. Were they hungry? No. Tired? Not that I knew of, we had a good nap. Pinched in a seatbelt? No. Just rotten?

So what did I do? First I tried reason. Pah! Then bribery. Toys. Offers of food and drink. Music to soothe the savage beasts. Windows down to blow them into submission or at least distract the little fiends. Threats (no park). No deal. The screaming continued for 20 minutes. I said to myself (aloud no less), "Do not lose it. Shannon, do NOT lose it." And immediately thereafter joined in on the yelling. (Also to no avail, I might add.)

The emergency stop for sticky rice (a particular favorite around here), followed by the park with hero Daddy did the trick, but I have yet to recover. I am a big moping heap of parental failure.


Chrissie said...

Would it help if I told you how bad you suck? No? Oh. Nevermind then.

9:07 PM  
Jeff - OWTK said...

"I am a big moping heap of parental failure."

Not at all Shannon.

I just stumbled into your blog and love it. It is maybe the only blog I have ever visited that after reading a few posts went looking for an RSS feed link to sign up. Instead, I have bookmarked McBlog and look forward to getting caught up with your previous posts.


9:04 PM  

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