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Monday, September 18, 2006


Drat! Here I am again. No posts in weeks. I can't keep up and the little over achiever inside is screaming. Naturally this post is inspired by the fact that I'm supposed to be working and am reading blogs (Bub and Pie, Owlhaven) instead. Truly, I've been goofing off all day (at least as much as I can). My living room, though sporting a new couch and chair, is a disaster.

Finally we are trendy, other than the two cheap slinkies, bathroom hand towels and pile of books on the couch, the books, cheerios, cracker crumbs, toothbrush (one of my daughter's peeps - see Owlhaven's Saturday question), misc toys, pillows and stray bookmark scattered about the room and the strikingly chic potty chair by the lounger.

(It's a good potty chair, my daughter says, even though I don't use it. Will she ever use it, I wonder. But why won't she use it? It's a good potty chair.) I dare not show the kitchen sink, and you are taking your life in your hands if you go into the bathroom.

On another note (mainly to those who know us), our second child turned a year old on Saturday (just another excuse to post pictures of the dazzling duo).

We threw a party and a great time was had by all.

Most amazing, Conner knew the celebration was for her. We sang happy birthday to her when we first woke up while still in bed. She smiled and applauded, for us or for herself I’m not sure.

She was a fabulous and gracious hostess. She crawled up to visit with each of our guests, resting a chubby hand on one friend's arm, leaning on another's knee, asking an unintelligible question of a third, playing, kissing, laughing, flirting, acknowledging each and every one with some subtle, intimate gesture. I've never seen anything like it. She absolutely worked the room. Scott noted that her genius is personality (among many genius traits to be sure). So now we know – a politician and a Supreme Court justice. Though we originally thought her name was perfectly suited for the Court, it turns out she’s a born schmoozer and Maryn is showing a definite lawyerly bent.

I intended to write a long post about her dramatic impact on our lives - and it has been dramatic, and wonderful - but I'm quite mixed up lately, all in a lather, so I'm forgoing comment for now. Why am I sporadically such a mess? (And well might you ask. Don’t think I haven’t been asking myself that very question!) I do not know. As my husband would say, I'm full of angst. I suspect it's one too many weeks without a break from the children, several days of fighting with my spouse for little or no reason, possible PMS, too little support, too many resentments, and too much introspection – something I’ve unfortunately been wont to indulge in before my mother’s still continuing bout with leukemia and the ensuing reflections on her life and mine, which now border on all-consuming. With Conner’s first birthday comes the anniversary of her diagnosis and near death in my living room while stubbornly (though admirably) trying to welcome and care for her eighth grandchild and daughter rather than taking herself to the emergency room. Such navel contemplation.


Anonymous said...

Hah! We've done the 'potty chair as living room decor' thing too.

Thanks for the link!

Mary, mom to many

11:17 AM  
bubandpie said...

I really wish I could post a pic of my living room right now. Yours looks very orderly to me. ;)

5:04 PM  
Anonymous said...

Honey, you sound full of "meaning of life" questions. It's certainly been a "meaning of life" kind of year. (And, you KNOW I didn't realize I was deathly sick while at your house. I sure wouldn't have wanted to croak in your living room...)
Anyway, after contemplating my navel this past year, I've concluded that the purpose of life is to be a source of good -- comfort, enrichment, assistance, joy, anyway you want to define "good" -- to others. You can do it as president, as scientist, as judge. And you can especially do it as mom. Everyday, you put your needs aside to tend to those babies and make their world safe, loving and joyful. It counts. That loving attitude spills from you to others you come in contact with each day. And it grows in your children, who as adults become even more loving than you. So hang in there. You may feel like it's all about slinkys on the floor and living room furniture that includes a plastic potty chair. But it's about so much more.
I love you.

6:19 PM  

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