Why McEditing?

Because I am good at this - I enjoy it. And I am reasonably priced - not to mention easy to work with and personable.

Previously employed by the University of North Florida, I worked in the doctoral program for Educational Leadership, with the Board of Trustees, the dean of Graduate Studies, and the President's Office. In these various capacities, I edited many dissertations and theses and a number of books, as well as editing or writing many other documents, including speeches, presentations, letters, and articles for magazines, journals, and newspapers. Primarily I have worked with APA and the Chicago Manual, though I have also worked with the MLA and Turabian, among others. I am able to work with any style guide required.

I have had great success with doctoral students who have found themselves stuck in the process of writing their dissertations. For instance, I have edited a number of dissertations for students whose native language was not English. I have also worked with more than a few doctoral students (now doctors) who had been trying to complete their dissertations for an extended period (sometimes, nearly a decade) and been unable to do so without help.

I have also done extensive work with faculty publishing research, and often with faculty who are not native U.S. English speakers.

I specialize in academic journal articles, books, and dissertations, particularly the hard cases! If English is not your native language or writing skill is not your métier, please contact me. I'll be glad to help you.

Shannon McLeish